Free shipping from 30 EUR
Free shipping from 30 EUR

Rolser Kukuxumuxu Kid MF Joy 2 Wheel Shopping Trolley


Light (aluminium)
  • Includes a story
  • Child's trolley
KUKUXUMUSU & ROLSER. Neither are bicycles only for summer, nor shopping trolley are only for shopping. Kukuxumusu & Rolser have come together in designing a collection of exclusive trolleys that you can happily take ......WHERE EVER YOU WANT. Welcome to our great little revolution. To look towards the planet's future, we'll have to put solutions in their hands. A fun design, yes, but for a practical and committed purpose. Our trolleys have become an almost indispensable ally for our everyday small loads, shopping, transporting material... And of course, for our recycling tasks. So, if us adults do it, what are we waiting for to encourage our litlle ones to join in? The younger members of the family are as much if not more aware than us of the need to recycle and they have their own daily loads that become easier to move when on wheels. Rolser shopping trolley in aluminium with 2 wheels, to avoid unnecesary loads. Chasis with fording base to store in small spaces and front support.

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  • Folded dimensions (mm): 350 x 140 x 825 mm
  • Chassis: Rigid
  • Inside pocket: No
  • Outside pocket: No
  • Adaptable hanger for supermarket trolley: No
  • Thermal bag: No
  • Lock type: Flap
  • Bag with metal frame: No
  • Wheels: 2 Wheels
  • Capacity (L):
  • Fabric type: Polyester
  • Bag shape: Backpack
  • Bag dimensions (mm): 340 x 190 x 450 mm
  • Open dimensions (mm): 350 x 300 x 825 mm
  • Weight (Kg): 1.7
  • EAN: 8420812007660
  • Product number: KID003-3113

ROLSER cuenta con certificaciones que garantizan la calidad de todos sus productos y procesos internos (emitidas por entidades como AENOR y TÜV):

  • UNE-EN ISO9001
  • UNE-EN 14183
  • UNE-EN 131
  • UNE-EN ISO 14001

Se han diseñado estrictos protocolos internos con el fin de garantizar la calidad, no sólo durante el proceso de fabricación, sino durante cualquier fase de trabajo.

El concepto de sostenibilidad forma parte de nuestro ADN y por ello, se están aplicando políticas que ayudan a disminuir la contaminación del planeta.

  • La energía eléctrica que se consume en la empresa está contratada a una comercializadora que suministra exclusivamente energía de origen 100% renovable. De este modo evitamos las emisiones de gases como el CO2 a la atmosfera.
  • El proceso productivo de pintura de nuestros centros de planchado utiliza biocombustible (pellet).
  • Rolser cuenta con la Certificación UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 de Gestión Ambiental.

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