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Our products have a 5-year warranty as of the purchase date. In the event of any incidents occurring during the warranty period, please contact ROLSER ONLINE, S.L.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and/or defective material, under the following conditions:

  1. In order for the warranty to be valid, it is essential to enclose the purchase invoice, sales receipt that confirms the date of purchase. In the event of the ticket or product being tampered with, the warranty will no longer be valid.
  2. During the warranty period there will be no charge for repair or material that is covered by said warranty. ROLSER may repair the product or replace it for another new one of equal or higher features.
  3. The defective material will become property of ROLSER.
  4. The warranty is not transferable.
  5. For suggestions, incidents or claims, please follow these steps:
    • If you have made the purchase via this website, please write to the e-mail addres
    • If you have purchased the item in another establishment, you will have to contact that same establishment for processing any claim or enforcing a warranty.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, negligence, use contrary to the instructions, unauthorised modifications and/or repairs, inadequate packaging on return, etc.


At ROLSER we offer you our repair and after-sales service. In order to be able to provide the service, it is essential that the product is returned with the invoice/ticket that proves the date of purchase.

For any incident with the product; please contact:
ROLSER ONLINE, S.L. | P.I Les Galgues s/n | 03750 Pedreguer (Alicante)
Telf. +34 965 760 700 |

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