Valencia, 29 March. The headquarters of the Valencian Council of Culture, in the Forcalló Palace, has been the setting this midday for the presentation of the Medal of Honour of the Council to the Rolser-Server y Pérez Foundation. The event was attended by the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, the President of the Institution, Santiago Grisolía, the President of the Rolser-Server y Pérez Foundation, Joan Server, as well as many citizens of Pedreguer, business people of the Marina region and members of the Council.

The Server y Pérez Foundation has spent around 30 years performing priceless work in various fields of science, culture, sports and social inclusion. This has been possible thanks to the company from which it was born, Rolser S.A., which manufactures the well-known shopping trolleys by the same name, of which a large part of the production is exported to over 60 countries, including Japan and China.

The Council has decided to award the Medal of Honour because they represent, as stated by Santiago Grisolía in his welcoming speech, the future of patronage and sponsorship among us in line with the most advanced countries in the world. This is a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and society which is fully compatible with public policies.

Rolser and its Foundation are also part of the society into which they were born, Pedreguer and the Marina Alta, where they have maintained the company and obtained the respect of its people through the activities carried out. Proof of this has been the large number of neighbours of their town who have come today to the Forcalló Palace.

After Santiago Grisolía’s speech, the secretary of the institution, Jesús Huguet read the minutes of the Plenum in which the members agreed to grant the Medal of Honour. Next, Santiago Grisolía allowed the President of the Generalitat the honour of delivering the medal to Joan Server. The chairman of Rolser S.A. read a few words thanking the institution for the medal, but also spoke of his parents, the founders of the company, and his siblings. In these emotive words, he said that the work he carries out with the Foundation has brought great satisfaction to his life. Happiness was the word he used.

To end, Ximo Puig has used Rolser and the Foundation as an example of solidarity and citizenship, and has emphasised that realities like these help to drive the Generalitat towards improving the legal tools for patronage and providing a fair financing system, in order for the Generalitat to not be restricted in its actions for covering the needs of our society.