The new NATURAL PROCESS covers for ironing centres encourage you to make day-to-day tasks become something exceptional. Exceptional due to their environmentally friendly nature, with fabrics made from textile pieces resulting from a carefully selected recycling process. This avoids additional dyeing for its preparation, as the colours are those of the recycled garments. Ironing and caring for the environment at the same time? Who could have thought of this... ROLSER maybe?


You can find these new NATURAL PROCESS covers for the K22, KS, K3 and K1 models, or if you prefer, separately for renewing (and recycling!) your current ironing centre.



UNO is another member of the family. Combining elegance in its design and all the features for making the daily task of ironing more practical. Adjustable height, easy to fold and with all the safety and stability guarantees.

Support with temperature-resistant metal micro-particles.

Height with automatic adjustment and safety blocking.

Tubular legs for increased stability.






The Ideal Accessory for a Perfect Ironing Experience

The flannel base, combined with the top fabric, facilitate a comfortable slide which makes ironing easier.









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