New Generation 8


It’s whatever you want it to be

We can explain its advantages. We can tell you that it combines robustness with lightness, that there is no other design like it. We can tell you that its folding system is unique and that you’ll be amazed by the capacity of its bag. We can tell you all this and much more. But only you will know how to get the most out of it. A new generation of trolleys is being born. They will mature alongside you and they will be for whatever you want. It’s beyond our control, it is in the hands of a new generation.

What really is 8?

Quite simply, it’s a Rolser.





Knows no limits


Well the truth is... We’re not quite sure how to define it: whether a 4x4, a Plegamatic hybrid combined with “Stair climber”... But in the end, what we are sure of is that LOGIC RD6 has become one of most versatile and comprehensive chassis we have manufactured to date.

Its 6 wheels and its surprising lightness enables it to overcome any obstacle with little effort. But it also comes with some of the best features from its “sister” chassis: A hook for coupling to the supermarket trolley, a pocket at the back, double-folding for improved transport, and the possibility of removing the wheels with a single click, for even more convenient storage.

As said, we’re not sure how to define it, but it’s the closest we have seen to an “All-in one” in shopping trolleys.

Dare to limit it!




50th Anniversary Rolser.

Gift from the Rolser workers to the Family Server.


In celebration of the 50 Anniversary of Rolser on July 1, 2016 with 700 guests in; Workers, retirees, friends, family, suppliers, distributors from all over the world, etc ..., the workers and retirees of the company wanted to surprise them with this video and the delivery of a picture with reference to this very special date.

This gift was to thank the Family Server all these years working together, as well as all the gestures of affection that make us feel.