The very Oprah Winfrey recommended our shopping trolleys among the different items she likes to use.

It all started at the New York trade fair, NY NOW the Market for Home + Lifestyle, which we attend every year to present our latest creations, when Oprah Winfrey’s team came to our stand interested in our products due to their eye-catching and novel designs, their functionality, helping in day-to-day tasks, and above all by the lack of weight and high quality.

After presenting several models, we see our I-Max MF Logic models published in the March issue of the magazine, as well as in the digital edition, in the section; Oprah’s List, her favorite products.

We are truly honoured to see that a person who is so widely loved and with such influence in the American TV and advertising world, has shown an interest in our shopping trolleys. A product which is so new to them, yet it is slowly but surely gaining ground in American households.

A leading position in the US provides us with a very interesting opportunity to continue opening up into the market in this country.

We are very grateful to Oprah and her charming team for having allowed us to embark on a new Rolser adventure.