In January 2015, ROLSER agreed to try out for one year a continuous working day from 7:00h to 15:00h for all its staff; production and administration, with their pertinent breaks. After eighteen months it has been proven that this was a very good and productive decision.

We had read that companies which had adapted to these working hours had improved their productivity, but we have now been able to confirm this.

Not only has productivity been good, but this change in working hours also has a positive effect on the workers as it enables them to better reconcile work and family life. The members of staff are much happier and therefore the company also benefits.

A study has proven that these working hours:

  • Increase the motivation of the employees and helps them optimise their time. By having more free time after finishing their work day, they are happier.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Reduces absenteeism.
  • Increases productivity. Greater involvement. Employees are more motivated.

We would like to thank all companies who work with us; couriers, suppliers, creditors, who have adapted to our new working hours without any impediment, have supported us and helped us throughout this important change.