Esclatec and Rolser have signed an agreement for working together in manufacturing a new motorised shopping trolley model.

Both parties have designed and will jointly manufacture this product, which will be on the market in October under the name ROLSER by ESCALTEC.

Last Friday, 24 July, Rolser S.A. signed an agreement with Escaltec, a special employment centre of the Esclat Association for developing a new motorised shopping trolley model which will be manufactured jointly by both entities and will be presented in autumn in a Barcelona market.

This event for presenting the new project and the signing of the agreement, which has been very emotive, was presented by the communicator Miquel Calçada, included a performance by Joan Dausà and took place at the Barcelona Activa Auditorium.

This product, which improves existing models and will be marketed as of autumn under the name ROLSER by ESCLATEC, is aimed at facilitating the mobility and quality of life of its users. The technical personnel within both companies have worked together to design the prototype, which was presented by Xavier Caballero, Director of Escaltec, and Javier Gilabert, engineer at Rolser.

At present, fruit of the research carried out in its Research, Development and Innovation department (I+D+I2), Escaltec has created a motorised shopping trolley model, MERCAR®., which is protected by a European patent. The prototype presented by Escaltec and Rolser brings together the experience of the current Escaltec trolley and different modifications and adaptations from other models manufactured by Rolser.

Aside from offering a useful and innovative product for improving the mobility of people, the main objective behind this project is to create stable quality employment for disable people with special difficulties..

This project for designing, manufacturing and marketing motorised shopping trolleys is fruit of the commitment, shared valued and working synergies between both companies due to their existing affinity and the awareness they share with regards to disabled people.

In this sense, during the event, Joan Bertran, the Chairman of Esclat, and Joan Server, the Chairman of Rolser, signed a collaboration agreement which establishes mutual support in the activity which both companies carry out.

The event was ended by the Vice President of the Government of Catalonia, Neus Munté, and included an intervention by the Commissioner for Cooperative, Social and Supportive Economy of Barcelona City Council, Jordi Via.