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I-Max Tailor 4 Wheels 2 Swivelling Foldable

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  • Carbon

Aluminium shopping trolley with 4 wheels (2 rotating) to avoid the user from bearing the weight of the shopping. Dual folding system. Piece which adapts to the supermarket trolley. High-capacity bag. Backpack-type format,two inside pockets, flap with easy coupling to chassis and back pocket with zip-up closure. Made in fabric from 100% recycled material.

Recommendable Load (Kg)
Maximum Load (Kg)
4 - 2 Swivelling
Capacity (Liters)
Inside Pocket
Outside Pocket
Hanger for Supermarket cart
Thermo Bag
Type of closure
Bag with metal frame
2.98 kg

Rolser shopping trolley in folding aluminium with 2/4 wheels.In two-wheel position to pull along when empty, and in four-wheel position to push along when full. Is one of Rolser’s many technological advances. The design incorporates our innovative rotating wheels system that allows you steer the trolley in a more convenient and precise manner. The Logic TOUR chassis has a dual folding system; forward for complete folding, and backwards when the bag is full to load into any car boot, without the handle getting in the way. In order to carry out the second folding, the flap on the chassis must be detached. This chassis is fitted with an adaptable device for coupling to the supermarket trolley, to not have to leave it at the shop entrance. Perfect for carrying items to the laundrette, to the beach, shopping, fishing, to the gym, etc. The fabric used for the TAILOR comes from recycled cotton combined with polyester fibres sourced from PET bottles. The perfect combination to achieve a component that is 100% environmentally friendly. The I-MAX TAILOR bag comes in backpack format, with double inside pocket, drawstring closure, eyelet on the flap, zippered back pocket and easily adapts to the chassis with a flap.

Colors may differ slightly from reality and depend on the configuration of the device used. Prints may undergo design variations due to the cut pattern.
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Portable Excellence
The reason Rolser is so popular in Japan is because of the construction; it is highly durable. This model stands out from the rest in construction, all other trolleys I have handled that are non-Rolser have used substandard metals, being often too thin, too flimsy, and prone to bending and strain when carrying heavy loads (which is the whole point of a trolley). This trolley's construction is durable enough that it has substantial heft to it, and the four wheels balance the weight perfectly and allow comfortable pushing of heavy loads up to 40kg regularly. It is more controllable when pushing forwards on this 4LT model. It stands out from the crowd anywhere, and is especially stylistically compatible with Tokyo's Chuo-Ku or Minato-Ku wards, when riding on the train or otherwise. It can be used as a makeshift garment bag for travel purposes, and can serve as a shopping trolley upon arrival in destination. Stylistically; if a flannel version in Dark Brown, keeping the same chalk stripes, was available, I would buy it. Please relay to the design team my idea, flannel has a fuzziness on top that is more subtle than the current design, it gives the chalk stripes a blurred look(see Fox flannel or Harrisons flannel). Recommended weight of fabric for the design team is 24-30 oz of Wool. We need more trolleys like this one for the fashionable crowd. The plastic shows no weak points of cracking, but another trolley showed certain structural weakness in the handle area when stress was applied, cracks formed. If this could be improved for future models that would be appreciated. 100% satisfied regardless, and this model as long as used on smooth terrain, is highly suitable for urban environments, like train stations, skyscrapers and big cities.

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