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Ironing Board K-UNO

  • Logos - Mauve
  • Logos - Lime
  • Logos - Gray
  • Black and White
  • Cotó - Purple
  • Cotó - Rojo
  • Cotó - Lime
  • Cotó - Black
  • Natural - Green
  • Natural - Blue
  • Natural - Arena
  • Natural - Fuchsia
  • Natural - Turquoise
  • Natural - Lead
  • Cotó - Orange
  • Cotó - Mauve
  • Cotó - Fuchsia
  • Cotó - Yellow

K-UNO. A new member of the family. Tubular legs for maximum stability, automatically adjustable height and safety blocking, support with temperature-resistant metal micro-particles. With all safety and stability guarantees.

5.52 kg

K-UNO. A combination of elegance in its design and a full range of features to make the daily task of ironing more practical. With 11 adjustable positions and easy folding. Single piece perforated board, especially designed for using steam. Ironing board with support made up of heat-resistant metal microparticles. Automatically adjustable height with safety lock. Tubular legs for maximum stability, and lock on legs once closed. Maximum height in use: 940 mm. Minimum height in use: 600 mm. Available in 21 differents colors. COLOR COLLECTION: We want colour to flood your home, to make your daily tasks more fun. And as in all families, "UNO" (one) of our models has decided to dress in full colour, from head to foot. So, the K-UNO ironing boards now also come with a colour chassis, available in Fuchsia, Yellow, Tangerine and More, could they possibly be better combined? NATURAL COLORS: We have added our most environmentally friendly fabric, Natural Process, to our collection, thus making everyday elements into exceptional pieces. Exceptional due to their nature, environmentally friendly, using fabrics sourdec from textiles resulting from a thorough process of recycling by selection. This avoids using an additional dye for its prparation, therefore its colours are those of the recycled garments themselves. Cironing while caring for the evironment? Who would have guessed this ... Maybe Rolser ?

Colors may differ slightly from reality and depend on the configuration of the device used. Prints may undergo design variations due to the cut pattern.
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