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I-Bag MF 4.2 Plus

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Rolser shopping trolley in aluminium with 2/4 wheels, to avoid users from bearing the weight of their shopping. Chassis with adjustable handle. The trolley that adapts to you. Convenience and versatility....times 13!Thanks to the new handle design of the 4.2 Plus chassis, you will have 5 positions + 8 movement evolutions for an ergonomic fit to your needs. But its advantages don’t end there, because in addition to adjusting its height or tilt, as if by magic, the handles disappear for a perfect folding position
Recommendable Load (Kg)
Maximum Load (Kg)
Dimensions Bag
360 x 190 x 660 mm
Dimensions Open
410 x 340 x 1105 mm
Folding Dimensions
410 x 340 x 900 mm
Not Foldable
Inside Pocket
Outside Pocket
Hanger for Supermarket cart
Thermo Bag
Type of closure
Bag with metal frame
3.14 kg
Rolser shopping trolley in aluminium with 2/4 wheels, to avoid unnecessary loads. In two-wheel position to pull along when empty, and in four-wheel position to push along when full. It will help you with any type of transfer of small loads. Perfect for carrying items to the laundrette, to the beach, shopping, fishing, to the gym, etc... Chassis with adjustable handle, front support and folding base to store in small spaces. I-BAG. Why choose if you can have it all? For those who don’t settle for conventionalism and always seek a little more. This is the introduction of the new I-BAG, the maximum exponent of the all-in-one: High capacity bag, double inside pocket, back pocket, bag comes in backpack format, eyelet on the flap, adjustable cord and rear flap that adjusts to the chassis with Velcro and click close. All this only available with our new 4-wheel chassis with adjustable handle; 4.2 Plus and 4.2 Tour Plus
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