The bag of all bags

Times change but our obsession remains the same: making our day-to-day easier. Shopping trolleys are becoming lighter in weight, providing more options but... What about the bags that come with them? I-MAX is the answer to the natural evolution which complements our fixed and foldable chassis.New designs incorporating small and large features such as the back pocket with zip or flaps, providing improved closing adjustment. Versatility for obtaining a trolley which meets our expectations..







If you like the design, just wait and feel its texture

When you think 8 has no surprises left in store, we introduce SOFT and everything takes on a whole new image. A new material which goes beyond appearances and several exclusive components providing unique resistance without giving up on Rolser's typically lightweight products. Rediscover 8, a real all-rounder, in angels' skin.







And then art took to the streets

It's no secret that we are passionate about art.

And we have a weakness for artists of such recognisable, universal and fascinating lines as those painted by the great Joan Castejón. One day, we had an idea, one which was actually a dream: reflecting Castejón's art on our products. And the dream came true in the shape of  “Ained” and “Bodegón”.A unique, exclusive and original collection for Rolser, created by this amazing artist who over the past 50 years has surprised us all with his works hanging on the walls of some of the world's most important museums. 

And now, we can also see his works on the street.







Reframing designs

Seemingly so static... Yet with so much travelled!

That is a “painting” for Rolser, a perfect, symmetrical and precise shape with which we enjoy designing new fun collections.

DAMA and GEOMETRIK show off their eye-catching designs to bring to life the largest variety of bags in all their versions.  What can we do about it... We love being grid-like!







COM 8 or M COM M8

When good, if it's mini, it's even better

We are forever demanding accessories which weigh less, are easier to carry, easier to handle... Everything extra you're asking for, can be found in Mini! The compact version of one of our star products is the perfect alternative for small loads or transporting smaller volumes.

But don't be fooled by its elegant appearance and small format: its resistance and features are enormous.

You choose, COM 8, M COM M8..... Or maybe even both?

Wouldn't they make a great couple?







Welcome to the Future

This is probably the most advanced shopping trolley available on the market. Due to its design, quality and innovative materials.

And because you'll only need to glance at it once to fall in love with its attractive and aerodynamic shape. A new model which is ahead of its time, with all the easy handling features of the Rolser trolleys, but with a presentation which has never been seen before.

Can you imagine feeling the future in the palm of your hand?.






Following in the steps of the Lider

There are many ways of paying tribute to the designs which we fell in love with years ago.

Models which, nearly 50 years' later, continue to generate admiration, attraction and leadership.

The purity of the lines, the personality and robustness of the original 1971 design is back on the streets with today's modern features and lightness. A breath of retro air, a stunning Dejà vu of style. Now, the LIDER will follow in your steps.




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